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Projection Mapping

Projection mapping, also known as spatial augmented reality or video mapping, is a technology that involves projecting images or videos onto surfaces, objects, or architectural elements to create dynamic visual displays. This technique allows for the transformation of ordinary surfaces into interactive and visually captivating displays. Projection mapping is widely used in various fields, including art, entertainment, advertising, and events.

Important Aspects of Projection-Mapping


Surface Mapping

Projection mapping involves precisely mapping a projected image or video onto the surfaces of physical objects, buildings, or structures. The mapping process aligns the virtual content with the physical geometry of the target surface, ensuring that the projected visuals fit seamlessly.


3D Projection Mapping

While traditional projection mapping often involves flat surfaces, 3D projection mapping takes it by projecting onto irregular or three-dimensional shapes. 


Architectural Mapping

Projection mapping is often used to enhance the architectural features of buildings during special events or as a form of public art. 


Software and Content Creation

Projection mapping relies on specialized software to create and manipulate content for projection. Artists and designers use these tools to develop visuals that align with the physical features of the chosen surfaces. 


Advertising and Branding

Projection mapping is employed in advertising campaigns and brand promotions to create attention-grabbing and memorable experiences. It can involve projecting onto buildings, landmarks, or product displays.


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