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Tents & Umbrellas

Tents & Umbrellas

ADLINE MEDIA crafts custom-printed advertising tents and umbrellas, considering all the requirements of the customers. Custom printing on advertising tents and umbrellas is a popular and effective way to enhance brand visibility, promote products or services, and create a cohesive and professional look for outdoor events and spaces. 


Custom Printing on Advertising Tents:

Brand Logos and Graphics

Incorporate your brand logos, graphics, and key messages into the tent fabric. It is a prime space for increasing brand recognition and visibility at events.


Color Consistency

Ensure that the colors used in the custom printing are consistent with your brand's color palette. 


Full-Color Printing

Take advantage of full-color printing capabilities to create eye-catching and vibrant designs. It is particularly important for grabbing attention at events and trade shows.


Custom Printing on Advertising Umbrellas:

Logo Placement

Strategically place your logo on the umbrella canopy, considering whether the logo should be visible when the umbrella is open or closed and whether it should be on one or multiple panels.


Brand Colors

We choose umbrella colors that align with your brand colors. It creates a cohesive and visually appealing look, reinforcing brand identity.


Multiple Panels and Printing Areas

Depending on the umbrella design, you may have multiple panels available for printing. We utilize these areas to showcase different aspects of your brand, such as taglines or product images.

We provide custom printing on advertising tents and umbrellas by offering a powerful way to communicate your brand message and create a strong visual impact in outdoor settings. 

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