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Flag Printing

Flag Printing

Flag printing involves producing flags with specific designs, graphics, or branding. Flags serve various purposes, including national representation, advertising, decoration, and identification.  ADLINE MEDIA provides flag printing using different techniques and materials, depending on the intended use and design requirements. 


Digital Printing

Digital printing is a common and versatile method for flag production. It allows for full-color printing with intricate details and is suitable for shorter print runs.


Screen Printing

Screen printing is another popular technique for flag printing. It is often used for large quantities and is cost-effective for simple designs with fewer colors.

We use materials like polyester fabric, nylon fabric, and cotton for flag printing. We provide single-sided and double-sided flag printing. Single-sided flags have the design printed on one side, and the reverse side may be visible but faded. Double-sided flags have a design that is visible correctly on both sides. It is achieved by printing on two separate pieces of fabric sewn together with a block-out layer in between.

ADLINE MEDIA provides disparate flag printing with perfect finishing, weather resistance, and considering every requirement of the clients.

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