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Sticker Printing & Vehicle Branding


ADLINE MEDIA offers sticker printing in Saudi Arabia for different purposes, including branding, promotional materials, labeling, and more. We provide a wide range of sticker printing services to meet all your branding and personal needs. At ADLINE MEDIA, we deliver sticker printing services with top-quality stickers. We specialize in turning ordinary vehicles into attention-grabbing brands through our excellent sticker printing services.

We are providing vehicle branding with sticker printing in Saudi Arabia. We promote your brand by attaching stickers of your logo or brand identity on products, packaging, and promotional materials. Vehicle branding is the best way to promote your brand. We provide vehicle branding in Saudi Arabia to promote your business. Vehicle branding is one of the versatile marketing strategies that allows businesses to thrive. As a leading printing company in Saudi Arabia, we help to increase your brand recognition and improve your business through vehicle branding.



Many business firms use vehicle branding in Saudi Arabia to promote their products and services. Vehicle branding is a powerful way to increase brand visibility and recognition. We make your brand more stunning with vehicle branding through high-quality sticker printing techniques. We provide the best sticker printing services and vehicle branding in Saudi Arabia. Uplift your brand with dynamic vehicle branding using sticker printing.


Diverse Range of Stickers

We have a diverse range of stickers according to your choice. You can select the perfect sticker printing for your vehicle branding. Choose from various sticker types, including labels, decals, and unique application stickers.



Customize every aspect of your stickers, from design to material, shape, size, and finish. Ensure that the sticker matches your vehicle branding. Every project is customized to suit your specific vehicle type in vehicle branding.


Eye-Catching Designs

We have skilled designers who work closely with you to create captivating graphics that align with your brand identity and messaging. Our professional graphic designer creates eye-catching and memorable designs that represent your brand effectively. Embrace your inner artist with our easy-to-use design tools, or collaborate with our skilled designers for professional guidance.


Quality that Matters

When you choose vehicle branding with sticker printing, you must be concerned about the quality. We ensure quality with precision and color vibrancy, delivering stickers with cutting-edge printing techniques.


Material Excellence

We use top-tier vinyl and printing materials that withstand the elements, ensuring your vehicle branding remains vibrant and intact. Select from a curated collection of premium materials, each chosen for its durability, aesthetics, and suitability for your purpose.




Vinyl decals 

Vinyl decals are custom-designed stickers that adhere to the vehicle’s surface. They can cover specific areas or the entire vehicle. These are smaller graphics or logos applied to different parts.


Partial Wraps 

Partial wraps cover a significant portion of the vehicle, combining printed graphics with the vehicle’s color.


Full Wraps 

Completely cover the vehicle with printed graphics, creating a visually striking effect. It transforms the vehicle’s appearance very effectively.


Window Perfs

Special perforated vinyl for windows allows visibility from the inside while displaying graphics on the outside.



Vehicle branding with sticker printing is very much impactful in business. We provide unique and excellent sticker printing for vehicle branding in Saudi Arabia. It consists of so many benefits.


Cost – Effective

Compared to traditional advertising methods, vehicle branding offers a cost-effective, long-term solution with a broad reach.



A branded vehicle exudes professionalism and credibility, boosting customer trust and confidence in your brand.


Mobile Exposure

Your branded vehicles become mobile billboards, reaching a diverse audience across different locations and demographics.


Local Impact 

Local audiences are more likely to remember and engage with your brand when they see it on vehicles within their community.



Vehicle branding isn’t limited to just company cars. Personal vehicles can also apply vehicle branding for promotional events.



We start by understanding your brand, goals, and vision for the vehicle branding.
Clean and arrange the vehicle’s surface thoroughly to ensure proper grip of the printing stickers, then apply the stickers to ensure a smooth and seamless finish. Vehicle wraps and decals prevent the elements, including UV rays, rain, and road debris.

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